Here are the most current pictures of our new buildingĀ in progress.





chairs and land Here is a photo of the area of our property where the new facilities will stand.

chairs, land, and blueprints The standĀ on the left is the blueprints and schematics for the new building. The stand on the right is a mock-up of the new facilities.

Walking out to sight Our church making their way to the new site for some pictures and dedication of the land and new building!

Pastor speaking Pastor Nolan Jackson giving the dedication and challenge to our church.

Church praying Bro. Garfield Graham giving the dedication prayer amongst the church for the new building.

Pastor commencing groundbreaking Pastor about to commence the groundbreaking

groundbreaking Pastor Jackson with the deacons and elders breaking ground for our new building.

groundbreaking 2 Glory to God!

church staff 2014 Belmont Church Staff 2014

Pastor & children Pastor Jackson with some of our children

Pastor & Floyd Pastor Jackson and Floyd Lance – Thank you, Floyd for overseeing this new building project!!!

pastor & Larry Pastor Jackson and Larry Barker

four people Pastor and Mae Jackson along with Mrs. Sadie Harper and Mrs. Linda Breedlove

church singing Janson Roberts leading the church in “Victory In Jesus” as we celebrate God’s work.

Pastor and the hardhat 2 Careful Pastor Jackson! Safety First!

the youth Some of our students remembering the groundbreaking day

Pastor and Jean Suggitt Pastor Jackson and Mrs. Jean Suggitt

Pastor & praying men A special thanks to these men of prayer who meet every Thursday to pray over the church and ministries!

As more progress is made, new pictures and captions will progress alone with it. Please be in prayer for our church as we wait in prayer and patience for God to complete the work which He has begun! – Philippians 1:6

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